Mountainbiker.my Enduro Championship (MEC) is a string of mountainbike enduro races designed with a highly coherent and systematic setup and structure that will allow an impartial evaluation of each participant’s performance at the end of a season. Although the race format and race rules may differ for each race, all races in the championship will be subjected to a set of specifications designed by the Championship. These requirements, among others will include participant categories, prize format and values, and race time-keeping. Thus, at the end of a season, a mountainbiker who has consistently participated in the Championship can measure his standing among his fellow mountainbikers through the points collected from the Enduro Points System awarded by the Championship. And, MEC Awards will be given to the top ranks in the MEC Annual Ranking.



Teluk Batik, Lumut, Perak
24 March 2018


Langkawi Enduro Challenge

Bukit Radar-Chengkuan, Langkawi, Kedah
31 August & 1 September 2019



Lembah Bujang, Merbok, Kedah
07 & 08 December 2019


  1. Practice session at the Race Course trails
    • The Organizer will inform & publish the dates and time the trail will be opened for Practice/Training Sessions, through the Event webpage or its social media pages
    • During the practice session, if uplift is necessary or required, Riders must purchase an Uplift Coupon in order to be ferried to the starting point of the trail. The Uplift Coupon can be obtained at the Event Village for RM15 per person, per day.
    • The trail will be closed at 1500 hour (3.00pm) on the day before the Race Day unless changes are made by the Organizer and announced in the Event webpage or its social media pages
  2. Rider Briefing Session
    • A Rider Briefing Session will be held at 1600 hour (4.00pm) on the day before the Race Day. If there is a change to the time or venue of the session, notification will be made in the Event webpage or through its social media pages
    • Changes to the rules, course, schedule, etc, and details of course marking, marshal’s instructions, feed stations (if applicable) and assistance locations will be communicated at this briefing.
    • Non-attendance of the Rider at the briefing will not be accepted as an excuse for any rule violation by the Rider.
  3. Bikes and equipments
    • If only specific bikes are allowed, the Organizer will specify this requirement in the Event webpage or through its social media pages
    • Rider is not allowed to change bike during the race. However, different bikes can be used during practice.
    • No electric bikes will be allowed.
    • In the case of mechanical failure or parts such as brakes, tires, saddles etc; if necessary changes will be allowed but no extra time is provided for.
    • The Rider’s bike must be in perfect working order.
    • Rider must not modify the race number Plate. The Plate must be displayed at centre-front of the bike handle.
    • The Race Director has the right to deny entry to the Race if in his opinion that the bike is not safe or not of a suitable standard.
    • Rider must wear a helmet (open XC type or full face DH type) at all times when he/she is on the bike, including transition sections (LS Section), during the Race, until he has completed the Race.
    • Gloves, knee, elbow protections and any other form of body protection are recommended but not compulsory.
    • Each Rider should be completely self-sufficient.
    • All bikes must have bar plugs.
  4. The Race Course
    • Details of the Course will not be made known before the event. Participants/Riders will only be informed during the Rider Briefing Session.
    • Riders will be informed of any changes to the Special Stages (SP) during the Rider Briefing Session.
    • If the Liaison Stages (LS) or the transfer stages are timed, they are not included in the total race time for each Rider. However, Riders must not exceed the maximum time allowed. If the Rider does start the next SP within this permitted time a penalty will imposed to the Rider.
    • Riders must complete the SP in the order, if applicable, stipulated by Organizer in the Race Format or during the Rider Briefing Session.
    • This Course is marked with signs, and at some sections lined with barricade tapes. Riders must follow the trail, unless instructed otherwise by the Marshal.
    • If a Rider exits the SP course, accidentally or otherwise, he must re-enter the trail at the same point and restore the barricade tapes, if broken.
    • If a Rider witnessed another Rider cutting-short or skipping any part of an SP course, he must report the incident to the Race Director immediately after the Race has been completed and provide 2 witnesses (or a Marshal) of the incident. An investigation shall be conducted.
  5. Seeding and Start Order
    • If any seeding is required, Riders will be informed through the Event webpage or its social media pages, and during the Rider Briefing Session procedure will Riders will not be seeded in the Race, at the beginning or at any point of time during the race.
    • The start order will be announced during the Rider Briefing Session or throught the Event webpage or its social media pages.
  6. Race timing procedure.
    • Should there be changes to the schedule, the Race Director will announce the race starting time during the Rider Briefing Session or before the race on the race day. Otherwise, the starting time will be as published.
    • Wave start, if any, will be announced by the Race Director during the Rider Briefing Session and published/displayed at the Race Secretariat station on the race day.
    • The start interval or flag-off gap between individual Riders will be announced during the Rider Briefing Session or as published. In the event of a mishap or obstruction along the trail, Race Marshal will announce any delay.
  7. Race start time and Riders’ flag-off interval/gap
    • Each rider will receive a timing device (transponder) during check-in process before the start of the Race on race day only, which must be mounted on the left side of the handlebar.
    • Riders may only start/depart at the first Start Gate on the instruction of the Marshals.
    • Riders can start as soon as they reach the beginning of the next Special Stage (SP), in which case there will be no start times or running order.
    • There will be a minimum 15 second time interval (flag-off gap) between Riders starting at all Special Stages’ Start Gate. This will be strictly enforced when there is a Riders’ line-up.
    • At the Liaison Stages (LS), if Rider’s time is recorded, it will not be included in his accumulated race timing. If the Rider exceeded the permitted time, penalty will be imposed.
    • If Race cut-off time is imposed, Participants/Riders will be informed during the Rider Briefing Session.
    • Rider must return the timing device set to the Race Timing station to conclude his/her race.
    • The ranking of each Participant is the sum of the Special Stage times, plus any time penalties.
    • The timing system is accurate to the nearest thousand of a second. In the event of a tie, the Rider with the fastest final stage shall be granted the fastest. In the event of a tie on the final stage, the preceding stage time will be used until there is no tie.
  8. Personal motor-vehicle
    • Riders are not allowed to take/drive his motor-vehicle to the Race Course vicinity, during the Race Day or Training Sessions. All personal motor-vehicles must be parked at the Event Village or any designated parking area.
    • Safety of any motor-vehicle parked at Event Village is the responsibility of its owner.
    • On Race Day, if necessary or required, transportation service to ferry/uplift Participants/Riders to and from the Race Course will be provided without charge. All Riders must use this service, to and from the Race Course, if necessary.
  9. General rules
    • The Race Director reserves the right to penalize or disqualify Riders that violate any rules of the Race.
    • Riders who wish to withdraw from the Race during the race or on Race Day must notify the Race Secretariat Station or Race Marshal (at the Course) as soon as possible.
    • If a faster rider is approaching behind you on any Special Stage, be polite and allow them to pass. If you are the faster rider, be patience; give lots of warning and clear directions as to what side you will pass. For example; shout left, if you intend to pass on the left hand side of the rider in front.
    • If, while passing a slower rider, you cause them to crash or run off the course; you may be disqualified.
    • It is the duty of each Participant/Rider to assist any Participant/Rider who appears to be injured or in difficulty, and to alert the Race Marshal (at the Course) as soon as possible.
    • If you stop to help an injured rider you may repeat the stage. You must notify the nearby Marshal immediately.
    • You may not repeat the stage if you suffer a mechanical failure on the Race Course, unless allowed by the Race Director.
    • Riders who wish to retire must notify the nearest Marshal immediately, follow the Marshal’s instruction and leave the stage and the Course immediately. No Riders are allowed to be at the Course unless he’s actively participating in the Race. The Marshal will mark their number Plats with an “X” sign.
    • Any change in weather condition is not an automatic reason for any change or omission to the rules and regulations of the Race. However, it is the discretion of the Race Director to make any necessary adjustment or decision deemed fair to overcome any constriction.
  10. Race penalties

  11. Complaint & Protest
    • Complaint and protest must be submitted or reported in writing by the Rider himself to the Race Director within 1 hour after the Race has been officially closed.
    • A RM200 deposit is required for any submission of complaint or protest. The money will be refunded if the complaint or protest is valid and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Race. The Race Director’s decision to decline or dismiss the complaint/protest is final and the money deposited will be forfeited.
    • Race Director, upon due investigation, will finalize all decisions within 1 hour after the complaint/protest period has been closed, and the Race Director’s decision is final.
  12. Results
    • The General Classification (GC) will be calculated by adding all Special Stages times together for each rider.
    • In the event of unforeseen or extreme circumstances, the Organizer can decide to withdraw one Special Stage (SP) or more, from the General Classification.
    • In the event of a tie in the General Classification, the highest placed Rider (among those in the tie) in the final stage will be awarded to the highest final placing. In the event of a tie on the final stage, the preceding stage time will be used until there is no tie.
    • Results will be officially announced after Complaint & Protest period have been closed and all complaints and protests resolved.
All races in MEC must conform to only 6 categories of participants.
Category Name Age Group
Men Expert/Open Age 16 and above
Men Master A Age 30 to 39
Men Master B Age 40 to 49
Men Master C Age 50 and above
Men Junior Age 16 to 20
Women Open Female Age 16 and above

The participant age is determined/calculated by year of birth only (ie. 2019 minus year of birth). However, any participant whose exact age (according to date of birth) is below 21 on the registration Closing Date, MUST acquire and furnish the written consent of a parent/guardian. Consent Form can be downloaded from the event webpage

A minimum of 3 Participants will be required to have registered in any Category of the Race, on Closing Date. If this requirement is not achieved, the Organizer reserves the right to eliminate the said Category. The respective Participants will be given the option to participate in the Race under different Category (if applicable/qualified), or to request a full refund of the Registration Fees.


All races under MEC shall provide the following prize structure for individual participants.


The prize (type/quantum) for the Best Team for each race will be determined and provided for by the local Race Host. Nevertheless, the format and rules to determind the the Best Team shall remain standard throughout all races under MEC(refer to MEC Award Section).


  • All races under MEC will be timed by the SPORTident Race Timing System using the SPORTident Air+ technology.
  • Each participant will be provided with a transponder set, i.e. SPORTident Active Card (SIAC), to record individual time data during the race.
  • At the end of the race, each participant will be issued an individual timing slip with details of his/her recorded time and results at the race.
  • The General Classification (GC) and Official race results will be published online, at the www.mountainbiker.my result page.

Enduro Points System

All participants in the races under MEC will be eligible to receive enduro points under the MEC Enduro Points Award.

  1. Qualified participants of the race under the MEC will be awarded with the MEC Enduro Points.
  2. The individual points collected and accumulated will be recorded in the MEC Annual Ranking page, in the www.mountainbiker.my website.
  3. MEC Annual Ranking is an individual ranking system based on the points accumulated by the participant from each MEC race only. The individual points will be accumulated for 1 championship year only, and will not be carried into the subsequent championship year.
  4. Enduro Points will not be awarded to participant under the following situations :-
    • Non-starter (DNS Status) - Riders who did not start or participate in the race although he/she registered for the race.
    • Non-Finisher (DNF Status) - Riders who did not finish/complete the the race or the compulsory part of the race (ie. Mandatory Round).
    • Disqualified (DQ Status) - Riders who has been disqualified for whatever reason under the Race Rules & Regulations.
  5. If a participant decides to participate under different category in a subsequent race, within 1 championship year, his/her previously accumulated enduro points will be zeroed. His/her enduro points will now be accumulated under the new category.
  6. In the event of two or more participants with the same accumulated total points, at any point of time the ranking position is determined by the highest points collected from the most recent or the last race. If there is a tie, an earlier race will be referred to, and so on.

MEC Awards

The MEC Awards (ie. annual championship awards) will be given to individuals with 3 highest accumulated enduro points in the MEC Annual Ranking, by category.

The Race Best Team Award

Participants in the races under MEC are eligible to win Best Team Award if their participation complies to the following rules.

  1. A team will automatically qualify for the award if it has at least three (3) members participating in the race.
  2. Team members must register the Team Name accurately. Team names such as “Bukit Rider” or “Bkt Rider” or “Bukit Riders”will be considered as three (3) separate teams.
  3. A big group can create separate teams such as team “Bukit Riders A and team “Bukit Riders B”, etc.
  4. There is no restriction on team members. Each team can comprise of mix gender or mix age or mix category.
  5. Each team member can register under different categories in the race.
  6. Race points will be awarded to riders according to the Enduro Points Award System based on the individual race results.
  7. Each team can have more than 3 riders. However, only 3 riders with the highest point will be taken into the team points.
  8. If a team has only 3 riders, and if 1 or more riders do not acquire any point, the team will only gather points from the riders acquiring the point.
  9. All team members must participate or start the race. If a member of a team did not participate or start the race, he/she will not qualify to be part of the team.
  10. A team may not qualify for the Team Award if it has less than 3 members participated and started the race even if the team registered more than 3 members for the race.
  11. Winning team will be selected from the team that gathers the highest total enduro points from the race.
  12. Team points are exclusive to one race only and not accumulated or carried to the next race.

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