5 Ways You Can Give Back To Your Local Mountain Bike Trails
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    Bring our community together
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    Bring our community together
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The Trail United campaign is based on a successful pilot running in Malaysia by Developing Enduros Mountain Biking Race in Malaysia. In 2019, MOUNTAINBIKER.MY adopted the concept and worked in partnership with local trail builder.

The objective of the Trail United campaign are to promote trail stewardship & improve the image of our sport, to recognise the work of many local trail builder and volunteers, encourage new or strengthen existing partnerships and to protect the places we love to ride.

Ways You Can Give Back To Your Local Mountain Bike Trails

Be a good steward
The easiest way you can give back to your local trails is by being a good steward of them.
  • Don’t litter when you ride, and pick up any litter you see.
  • Alert the proper authorities to any major obstacles or damage, such as a downed tree or broken bridge, that you can’t remove or repair by yourself.
  • Obey the rules of the trail, and be respectful to others that use the trail.

Participate in trail work
We all love to ride, but we can’t expect to do so if the trails are not properly maintained.

Trail maintenance is essential in order to keep riders safe. That’s where you can help.

Our local trail builder organizes work days nearly every month. They recruit volunteers to trim back trees and bushes that have overgrown the trails, repair erosion damage by filling in holes and smoothing out rough sections, and even build new features or obstacles on trails.

By spending just a couple of hours a month working on your local trails as part of a group, you can make a big difference in the ride quality of your local trails. Plus, it will allow you to spend some quality time with others who are just as passionate about mountain biking as you are.

Be an advocate for your local trails
Riders should never take their local trails for granted. The local government could revoke access to trails at any time. Mountain bikers need to be proactive, and continually highlight the benefits of mountain biking to local officials, especially the revenue it can produce from tourists who flock to the trails in search of a new riding experience.

Trail maintenance is essential in order to keep riders safe. That’s where you can help.

There is always strength in numbers, so don’t sit idly by and rely on others to advocate for you.

Be a trail ambassador
We can all do our part to promote our local trails, either through a chance guide a rider from out of town, writing a review about trail or by just uploading pictures and videos over social media. Additionally, if you see someone asking about your local trails on a internet, take the time to respond to them, and even offer to ride with them when they are in the area. By doing so, you will help bring more value to your local trails.


TRAIL UNITED will host monthly local rides that bring our community together.
Check the schedule below for the date and location that works best for you. We have beginner, intermediate and advanced level rides.


Due to COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, limited only 60 participants per gathering.

Strictly WALK-IN registration will not allowed. All participant must ONLINE registration via mountainbiker.my

Open to MALAYSIA citizen only

All participant must scan mySejahtera QR code and body temperature check before entering the venue

Please ensure when registering for this ride you practice social distancing and always wear a mask. Please do not congregate at the registration table.

Date Location Disipline ..
11 October 2020 Bukit 300 Lumut Perak 3 Stages Enduro VISIT SITE
25 October 2020 Bukit Pilah Bike Park, Kuala Pilah Negeri Sembilan 3 Stages Enduro VISIT SITE
08 November 2020 Bukit Selantai, Pantai Air Papan, Mersing Johor 3 Stages Enduro VISIT SITE
TBA 99Bikes Mountain Bike Trail, Kuah Pulau Langkawi, Kedah 3 Stages Enduro VISIT SITE
TBA Darulaman Trail, Bandar Darul Aman, Jitra Kedah 3 Stages Enduro VISIT SITE

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